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Soil Traceability – 911 Transparence

As excavating contractors, it’s important to protect the future occupants of the project during an excavation project, but also to protect the environment. The Quebec government has put in place laws and regulations to ensure that contaminated soil collected during a project is sent to authorized and safe sites.

As excavating contractors, we pride ourselves on soil traceability, the ability to follow the path of these contaminated soils from the time of excavation to their final destination.

At National, we are committed to being an exemplary company when it comes to good contaminated soil disposal practises, and we have created our own application, 911 Transparency, which can be downloaded and accessed by all our clients at any time, to promote transparency in our operations and compliance with the regulations put in place by the Ministry every time.

With 911 Transparency, all of our clients will be able to follow the progress of their contaminated soils from start to finish, in real time, and we will be available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Carbon Neutral

We are excavating contractors that recognize that global warming and the preservation of the environment is an urgent problem, which requires an application from each industry in order to have a positive impact on the situation at the global level. This is why we are doing our part to ensure a better future for the planet as eco-responsible citizens, and we are making sure that we take all possible steps to be a Carbon Neutral company, that is, a company that is carbon neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. We are committed to planting enough trees and new vegetation to achieve this goal, and we are continually looking for new ways to diversify our efforts to even surpass carbon neutrality.


We are excavating contractors,  and we are proud to hold and work with LEED certifications. LEED certifications are independent, third-party audits, offered under the Canada Green Building Council, that certify that a project has been completed following strategies to achieve high performance in key areas of human health and the environment: transportation, green design, energy efficiency, water conservation, and selection of high quality products exemplify the strategies endorsed by LEED. LEED certifications are an additional and optional step we choose to take to ensure our company is recognized as a leader in eco-responsibility.

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